Tuesday, 15 April 2014

activity this morning

morning all!!
huh im wake up so early today..that all because i want to sent my roomate back to her hometown at Kota Bahru,Kelantan..owhh suddently i miss my family..but my hometown is near local Kedah okay!!..ok today i still have one more paper..that killer paper..ohhmay!!!i will do my best..i will do my best..'insyaallah'..may allah ease everything...

about Me!!*_*

hyee!!im not introduce myself let me introduce first!!my name Mastura bt Ab. 20 years from Kedah..proud to be KEDAHAN!! yeahh..i was born at Hospital Besar Alor of birth 19.09.94..i like this number..i have six siblings which is two sisters, one brother, and two young the youngest sister..i have a big such family and i proud to be a part of them..they also always be my side when i was in trouble..they give a lot of support to them so much!!i graduate from Perlis Matricullation College and now i further my study in Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking at Universiti Utara Malaysia for four years..n now im in second matric no is actually proud to be UUMers!!