Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Why I choose UUM??

Firstly, why i choose UUM to further my study in degree is because it near with my take one hour from UUM to my hometown at Pendang,Kedah.. it also because of my family condition its mean, my father do not have enough money to sent me to out of will take a lot of cost to get the tickets when i want to go back on leave..when i get know the result at and it give surprise when i get to enter to further my study in UUM. i have a lot of facilities in UUM such as residental hall, transport, sport center and the other thing...and the special want is we can access and study through uumlearningzone..if we cannot attend to class, we can get the online class in learningzone..

Rotu Airforce

we are airforce...

curriculum activities!! >.<

im back!! i want to tell you about my activity during my weekend..most student in UUM have to take part in curricular activities..for me i choose to involve in ROTU AIRFORCE UUM..its a good things and give me a lots of does not just for fitness but it teach us to be more dicipline, and be more punctual..other than that i also get to know a lot of friends and we always support each other in every activities..we are just like a family..a BIG FAMILY in uum,sintok..i remember with one memory and i will keep it when we have to get the lunch..we call it 'nasi ponco'..we feed up each other like brother n so memorable..i believe that my members also will keep this memory...we have to finish our training until 2016 because i have to settle the training until semester 6 then we can commision as Young Officer..i wish my family will be proud with it..*_*...we also have an annual camp for every year..we do such a lots of thing and sometimes it make me so tired..but the other member always give the moral support..when the other student go back to their hometown for semester break, we are here get the knowledge and teach us about the patient..